"Becoming a Rolex ambassador has been one of the biggest personal milestones of my success to date. My timepiece now act as a reminder of all the hard work, dedication and determination it has taken for me to get to this point and it will continue to be with me for every future win, loss and adventure too!" (Photo Credit: Rolex)


"The GFore model is based on today's modern athlete and every product design that they create involves an effortless blend of premium material, classic aesthetics as well as a funky colourful twist! From the moment I turned Pro, I have been using their products and frequently get more positive feedback about my gloves and shoes than I do on my actual golf game!"


"I have had a lifelong personal connection to the team at Mannes and proudly consider myself as an ambassador of the brand. The passionate approach that they take towards their business is an equally important principle for my own attitude towards the game of golf. My partnership with Mannes continues to be a highlight of the journey so far."

My Partners

"I've been wearing Hugo Boss on the Golf Course for my past three seasons and could not be happier or more comfortable in the clothing. As one of the leading companies in the premium segment of the global apparel market, their products are consistently high quality with impeccable service included too."

Delen Private Bank

"I have been proud to be an ambassador of Delen Private Bank since Day One. As one of the most established wealth management companies in Belgium, they place an emphasis on upholding strong core values and personal relationships with each of their clients while offering financial peace of mind. I look forward to staying a client for many years to come!"


"I am continuously in awe of the unrelenting intent that Callaway have to be the best in the business. When the team are not travelling endlessly to help service us out on Tour, you can rely on finding them behind the scenes in research and development to uncover new ways to enhance their products. Its a privilege to be part of such a high performance company!"

English Championship

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